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Hossein Sheikh, the founder and investor of Pasha berand Group, is one of the start-up companies in Iran.
Pasha Brand's occupations include mobile and computer, finance and banking, infrastructure, building materials, information technology and international real estate development. The company operates in Iran and will soon operate in countries such as the UAE, Turkey, China and Germany.

باخدا باش پادشاهی کن

حسین  شیخ بنیانگذار و سرمایه گذار گروه پاشابرند ، یکی از  شرکتهای تجاری  نوپا در ایران است.
مشاغل مجموعه پاشا برند شامل موبایل و کامپیوتر ، مالی و بانکی، زیرساخت ها ، مصالح ساختمانی ، فناوری اطلاعات و توسعه بین المللی املاک و مستغلات است. این  شرکت در کشور ایران  اداره میشود و  قرار است بزودی در کشورهای همچون  امارات متحده عربی ، ترکیه ، چین و آلمان  اداره شود.

Services Business

Business Services

Trading Company (Caspian Initiative Trade) Provider of commercial services including clearance of goods, export of goods and import of goods and international transport and air freight, land freight, sea freight, ship charter, purchase from China, purchase from Europe , Transporting containers, etc., which is the main goal of the trading company (Caspian Initiative Trade) (commercial services) is to expand trade and progress in the field of economy and trade.
Centralized management, professional, specialized and experienced manpower, strong communication, intelligence capability using the latest trade rules and regulations and customs rules of the trading company (Caspian Initiative Trade) enabled to trade well (in the shortest time) any business operations (import Covers goods and exports of goods, clearance of goods and business consulting, etc.).
One of the strengths of the trading company (Caspian Initiative Trade) is the gathering of highly professional and specialized people in the fields of foreign trade and commercial services. Other keys to the success of the trading company (Caspian Initiative Trade), speed, accuracy and honesty in all trading services and also providing the most appropriate solutions to maintain the economic benefits of customers with whom we are proud to work.

Business consulting

To create and start again in different job fields, we all need a consultation and advice. We can help you by using the research done in any job field and business, thanks to God Almighty.

Math and Physics

2015 Golestan Kalaleh

Marketing and sales course

2015 University of Tehran

Part-time courses at the University of Tehran

Business Management

2016 University of Tehran

Blue diamond phenomenon

2018 kalaleh

Founder and founder of the company, the field of e-commerce activity

Pasha Brand Internet Collection

2017 Tehran

Web and network design, business - marketing and sales

English language


Negotiation technique

international trading


Golestan, Kalaleh city